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Streaming Pitchers

Posted in Rant, Strategy with tags , on May 3, 2009 by cuzitsmybday

I like to stream pitchers. I like to keep a constant flow of starters coming in and out on a daily basis and I like using guys that nobody’s heard of.

If you haven’t pitched in the bigs yet, but you start today…you’re probably going to throw on my teams.

Does this work? Yes. Sometimes. Sometimes it fails, miserably. Is it fun? Yes.

Does it piss off people? I think so. I think it’s frowned down upon by a lot of fantasy players. I’m not really sure why…but I think it’s a jealousy thing. They hate seeing their opponent running at them four pitchers deep every single day.

With a little research you can actually get some of these no-name guys in spots that will statistically work out for you. Today I’m using Jakabasaukus for the Mariners. He’s at home against Oakland and the Athletics are terrible on the road. I”m not really banking on the pitcher being good, so much as I am on Oakland being Oakland.

If you’re in a Head-to-Head league you’ll often get to a point where it’s time to throw the towel in on ERA or WHIP and that’s the best time to start streaming. You don’t need to do it all week, just Saturday or Sunday.

Get Today’s Starters

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Cahill is getting picked off the wire thanks to some good outings and todays start against the Rays

Cahill is getting picked off the wire thanks to some good outings and today's start against the Rays

Here are some starting pitchers for today that you should consider picking up:

  • Nick Blackburn – He’s had a 1.71 ERA vs. the tribe and has held them to a .246 BA through 31 innings of work. The game is in Cleveland but it’s not like he isn’t familiar with the area
  • Koji Uehara – Let me just be flat-out honest and say that I like taking chances on Japanese pitchers that teams are unfamiliar with. Sure, he’s pitching against the Rangers, but they’ve never seen him before.
  • Rick Porcello – He might not be around on your wire, but if he is and you have room, then you should pick him up. The sky is the limit with this guy and after his last effort he quieted more of the doubters. He’s up against Greinke and the Tigers bat .295 against him.
  • Trevor Cahill – His WHIP is only 1.44 and he’s sporting at 2.60 ERA. He’s not racking up the K’s, but if you need some help or you just want to add a pitcher, he’s probably around.