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How About Alberto Callaspo?

Posted in News, Strategy with tags , , on May 5, 2009 by cuzitsmybday

You’ve heard about LaPorta, Rasmus, and how Bourn’s average is actually there. You’ve read about picking up Phil Hughes and Scott Richmond. But what about Alberto Callaspo?

Alberto Callaspo is quietly putting up big numbers and nobody is noticing.

Alberto Callaspo is putting up big numbers and nobody seems to care.

Alberto Callaspo is putting up big numbers and nobody seems to care.


Alberto Callaspo has put up some pretty big numbers and for some reason, I’m yet to see anybody give him any mention. Here’s what he’s done for the Royals and the few fantasy owners he has…

He’s batting .378 on the season and he just hit a home run, as I’m writing this. It’s only his 2nd HR, but he’s not a power guy. He’s got 15 R and 9 RBI. These numbers aren’t huge, but that BA is.

He’s owned in 47% of all SportingNews leagues and you can bet that number will rise tomorrow. If you need an average helper and your SS is weak – consider Callaspo because he’s got a firm grip on the job and he’s a young switch hitter.

Greinke gets the CG SO

Posted in News with tags , , on April 25, 2009 by cuzitsmybday

Well, I was wrong. I feared the Tigers would take their .295 BA against Greinke and tear him up. Little did I know that he really is the real deal. Nine-thousand Royals fans can’t be wrong. Maybe they’ll be fighting for the division by the end of it all. Just goes to show you that sometimes even the numbers don’t tell the whole story.