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Daily Grab

Posted in Daily Grab with tags , , , on May 7, 2009 by cuzitsmybday

Who I picked up yesterday, and who I’m taking today…

First of all, I didn’t pick up anybody yesterday…but today, I am.

Jason Hammel – COL vs. FLA
That’s right, Hammel. Why am I taking Hammel? Because the Marlins are pretty bad on the road and they aren’t hitting righties very well. That’s all there is to it. Hammel’s ERA is 3.45, which is respectable, but his WHIP is 1.72. There is nothing sexy about him. I’m purely going for the matchup. The Marlins have a .704 OPS and a .241 BA against righties. On the road it gets worse. A .229 BA and .680 OPS.

That’s why I’ve got Hammel. I’m worried.