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It’s All About the Stance for Inge

Posted in News, Strategy with tags , , , , , , , , , on April 24, 2009 by cuzitsmybday
Inge changes his stance and starts crushing the ball

Inge changes his stance and starts crushing the ball

When it comes to fantasy value, Brandon Inge has never really been considered to have too much of it. He’s got one of the strongest arms in baseball and it’s even said that he can throw 95 mph from the mound. He makes spectacular plays, but we all know that’s just about worthless to fantasy owners. Defensive skills are actually important though because they can guarantee a spot in the lineup to a player that’s on the fringe. Hey, I’m just trying to be positive. I’ve got Bonafacio on my team.

Well, Inge took some time this offseason and made some renovations to his batting stance. So far, it’s paying off and he’s become one of the most-added players of this early season and he’s yet to disappoint. If you’re like me and went early on Soto at catcher, then you now might also own Inge. He’s definitely come through.

He’s had the power to hit 20 homers, but his batting average has always been hovering around .240 or so. Apparently he’s been getting suggestions for years and has finally decided to listen to the coaches. If he can keep it up, he just might be the biggest surprise of the year. His defensive skills have given him eligibility all over the field so he makes for a great player to have around for those off days when you need a fill-in and your bench is short.

He’s probably gone, but check out the waiver line for Inge. Consider going for a trade. Right now people are probably looking to sell him high, but I suspect that most people who own him don’t think they’ll get much in return based on his previous numbers. Take advantage and try to get him for Jason Giambi or Ortiz (I thinkĀ  they’re about done.)

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