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Opening Up Those Prospect Presents

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Fantasy Hopefuls

It’s a lot like opening up presents on Christmas. You’ve drafted some rookies, even some players that made your competitors say, “Jordan who?” And you were even laughed at for it. But, deep down, you just had this gut feeling that you were picking up a sleeper. For those of you in some deeper leagues, it wasn’t much of a stretch to pick a starting center fielder no matter how much experience he had. Take Gardner, for example – immediately appointed the Yankees starting CF spot and hitting lead-off. You’ve got to take a chance on that, right?

If you picked any of these guys – Gardner, Schafer, Emilio, Maybin, etc. then you already knew something about them. With a guy like Bonafacio, you probably picked him up off the waiver as soon as you saw he had 3 SB’s. Now that everybody’s come back to reality a little, is it time to drop them?

Look at Jordan Schafer. In his first at-bat he went deep and it wasn’t too long after that when he did it again. He had a few hits since and earned some guaranteed playing time, but then it was time for a reality check. He had a little slump, 1-18. But, you know, every hitter, even Pujols, is going to have their spells. Do you drop him? Well, I drafted him. I’ve dropped him. I’m a little hasty, but he’s gone. He’s only gone because I don’t think anybody in my league is going to pick him up.

What about Bonafacio? I drafted him, too. As soon as I saw the Marlins had awarded him the leadoff spot I put him on my draft board. When I got him, nobody knew who he was. I was laughed at.  After his first game, everybody knew who he was. Did I get any credit for drafting him? Of course not. Did I deserve any? Of course not. Now that he’s come back to Earth, I’m back to getting laughed at. Is it time to drop him? I don’t think so. The potential is still there. The Marlins look good, he’s a great defender, he’s leading off, Maybin can’t hit, and Emilio is still stealing bags. Keep him. Or drop him and watch somebody snatch him up instantly.

It’s all about finding the next Nate McClouth or riding on a Chris Shelton/Jay Bruce hot streak until they reach their max trade value, and then dumping them off on somebody for a slumping pitcher and hitting the highroad.

So, what should you do?

  • Hold onto Bonafacio
  • Dump Schafer
  • Get Gardner (if you need steals)
  • As Maybin gets dropped, pick him up if you have the room
  • Watch for Tommy Hanson
  • Forget about David Price (Unless you’re in a keeper)
  • Snag Josh Anderson

Take it all in-stride. The next Nate McClouth is probably still buried somewhere on the wire.