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Martin Prado – Multi-Position Eligibilty to get More ABs

Posted in News with tags , , on July 2, 2009 by cuzitsmybday

I’m not a Braves fan but I live in the south and Braves games might be the team with the most regional coverage. Sure, there are Yankees and Red Sox fans everywhere, just like there are Cowboys fans – they all have jumped on the bandwagon at one time or another.

What’s my point? Because I get to listen to the Braves on the radio and TV more often than any other team (I get Reds games, too) I tend to pick up Braves on my team. With Martin Prado available on the wire and Bob Cox making the call that he’ll be the official starter at 2B, at least for now, I thought I’d pick him up. He’s had a hot bat lately.

Martin Prado takes over at second, for now.

Martin Prado takes over at second, for now.

I don’t need a 2B – I have Kinsler, Roberts, Phillips and Zobrist. I have Bonafacio, too. But this is a real deep league.

I dropped Ianetta for Prado, who was owned in 68% of all leagues on Sporting News. We’ll see what happens and how quickly he gets picked up by an opponent.