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Bradon Inge – Still Producing

Posted in Strategy with tags , , , on June 19, 2009 by cuzitsmybday

When Brandon Inge started getting noticed for his HR production, people started pointing out his usual batting average. Every expert out there said he’d be coming back to Earth.

So, has Inge fallen back to Earth?

A little, but he’s still producing and he’s the 3B mainstay on a potent offense. He’s the early Gold Glove favorite around the league so you know he’ll always be in the lineup.

What’s he been doing? He’s still batting .272 and remarkably owned in 97% of ESPN leagues. Why’s that remarkable? Because if you had told anybody that he’d be batting .272 at this point in the season and owned that much in the fantasy world, nobody would buy it.

The Gold Glove? Well, Tigers fans aren’t surprised. We’ve been watching this guy for years now. His arm is pretty amazing.

His strike outs are up and a little more like what we’re used to. He’s coming off a May where he hit .231, which is more “normal.” He struck out 31 times in May as opposed to just 14 in April. He’s struck out 18 times so far in June, but he’s hitting .264.

So, the numbers are coming back down to Earth a little bit for Inge, but he’s still producing. He might have been a guy to sell high on in April, but I doubt you could have found a taker.

I’m holding onto him.