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Daily Grab

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A daily look back at my spot starters and a look forward at who I’m taking off the wire…

Yesterday’s Spot-Start

Koji Uehara – BAL, 6 2/3 IP, 8 K, 3 ER, 1 BB, 1.20 WHIP DECENT
Well, this ended up being a pretty good pick, but the bullpen is what hurt him, along with some errors. He pitched well and at sent down 14 in a row. But, some fielding problems and a bullpen that brought a bucket of gasoline to the mound, took care of his hard work. He’s been doing pretty good this year and his numbers definitely show it. I’m going to keep him on my teams.

Today’s Spot-Starters

I’m not picking up anybody for today. I’m actually picking somebody up that isn’t pitching until Saturday! Who is so special that I went that far ahead? Shairon Martis, the rookie SP for the Washington Nationals.

Even when I read that I think it’s a pretty lame idea, but he’s facing the D-Backs on his home mound and the D-Backs are awful on the road. They’re awful at home, but they are really awful on the road.

How About Alberto Callaspo?

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You’ve heard about LaPorta, Rasmus, and how Bourn’s average is actually there. You’ve read about picking up Phil Hughes and Scott Richmond. But what about Alberto Callaspo?

Alberto Callaspo is quietly putting up big numbers and nobody is noticing.

Alberto Callaspo is putting up big numbers and nobody seems to care.

Alberto Callaspo is putting up big numbers and nobody seems to care.


Alberto Callaspo has put up some pretty big numbers and for some reason, I’m yet to see anybody give him any mention. Here’s what he’s done for the Royals and the few fantasy owners he has…

He’s batting .378 on the season and he just hit a home run, as I’m writing this. It’s only his 2nd HR, but he’s not a power guy. He’s got 15 R and 9 RBI. These numbers aren’t huge, but that BA is.

He’s owned in 47% of all SportingNews leagues and you can bet that number will rise tomorrow. If you need an average helper and your SS is weak – consider Callaspo because he’s got a firm grip on the job and he’s a young switch hitter.

Daily Grab

Posted in Daily Grab, News, Strategy on May 5, 2009 by cuzitsmybday

A daily look back and look forward at my spot-starters

Yesterday’s Spot-Starts
Bartolo Colon, CHA – 5 IP, 7K, 3.60 ERA, 2.00 WHIP  DECENT
I picked him up because I didn’t have any SP’s to go up against my opponents 3 SP’s. He has 7 rolling in the next three days and I only had one without any pickups. I’ll take the ERA and the K’s, but his WHIP left a little to be desired. He’s got two starts so I’m holding on, for now.

Eric Stults, LAD – 5.7 IP, 1W, 4K, 3.18 ERA, 1.24 WHIP  GOOD
I picked up
Stults because he was facing the D-Backs and they are awful away from home. I think they’re batting something like .198 on the road. Stults previous numbers weren’t very good, but Arizona is so bad, I just went for it and it worked out. They really are that bad. I suggest taking a spot start against Arizona any time they’re away from home, and possible even when they’re at home. He’s got another start this week, so I’m just going to hold onto him.

Koji Uehara, SP for BAL is my spot-starter for today - but Im a little worried.

Koji Uehara, SP for BAL is my spot-starter for today - but I'm a little worried.

Today’s Spot-Starters
Koji Uehara, BAL – 30IP, 2W, 19K, 4.50 ERA, 1.13 WHIP – I might have passed on Koji if my opponent wasn’t bringing so many pitchers at me so soon. Okay, so I don’t wait till the day a pitcher is starting to pick him up. If I can, I’ll go a day ahead and pick up a guy. It happens all the time…you see an SP on the waivers on Friday, but you decided to hold off until Saturday morning (for some reason). When you go to pick him up on Saturday morning – he’s gone.

I liked the low WHIP here, but I have a bad feeling about this one. It’s a bit of a gamble, but Uehara is a veteran pitcher so I’ve got confidence. He’s only owned in 18% of SportingNews leagues. He held BOS, TEX and LAA to .86, .60, and 1.11 WHIP in his last 3 starts respectively. I’d say that’s pretty good.

If he holds off TB then I’d look for Koji to be the most-picked-up player on the waivers this week in fantasy baseball.

Fill Your Benches with Pitchers

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There’s a good article by Karabell on today about how he likes to keep his bench, and we happen to be of the same philosophy. My benches are loaded with pitchers and as far as hitters go…I keep just enough on my team to fill a roster.

Why? Well, I don’t want to kick myself like I did last year, watching Adam Dunn rack up HR’s on my bench. It happens to all of us. A star hits a slump and we bench him. With that logic, you’re going to keep that star on the bench until they turn it around…so, you’re always going to miss out on what breaks them from that slump.

Keep your stars starting, even when they’re one-trick ponies for SB’s or HR’s. You don’t want to miss out on that big breakout game. I’m still starting G. Soto every game, which has been painful.

Streaming Pitchers

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I like to stream pitchers. I like to keep a constant flow of starters coming in and out on a daily basis and I like using guys that nobody’s heard of.

If you haven’t pitched in the bigs yet, but you start today…you’re probably going to throw on my teams.

Does this work? Yes. Sometimes. Sometimes it fails, miserably. Is it fun? Yes.

Does it piss off people? I think so. I think it’s frowned down upon by a lot of fantasy players. I’m not really sure why…but I think it’s a jealousy thing. They hate seeing their opponent running at them four pitchers deep every single day.

With a little research you can actually get some of these no-name guys in spots that will statistically work out for you. Today I’m using Jakabasaukus for the Mariners. He’s at home against Oakland and the Athletics are terrible on the road. I”m not really banking on the pitcher being good, so much as I am on Oakland being Oakland.

If you’re in a Head-to-Head league you’ll often get to a point where it’s time to throw the towel in on ERA or WHIP and that’s the best time to start streaming. You don’t need to do it all week, just Saturday or Sunday.

Guys You Should Deal, Now.

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Here are some hitters to deal now, before they cool off. Use them to lure in some slumping regular performers. These are based purely on numbers from past performances…hold onto them at your own risk.

  • Aaron Hill – 2B
  • Adam Jones – OF
  • Brandon Inge – C, 1F, OF
  • Nick Swisher – 1F, OF
  • Jason Bartlett – SS
  • Kosuke Fukudome – OF

These guys are currently ranked in the top 25 of all hitters, according to their stats, by SportingNews for a standard rules, Head-to-head league. Right now, they’re performing far beyond their pre-season projections. If you think Inge’s stance is the key to his success, and he’s now the real deal…then by all means, stick with him.

Time to Deal Greinke? Yes.

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Alright, Greinke is lighting it up. We’re just about to start the month of May. It’s very, very early in the season. Trade him.
There’s a fairly interesting bit in SportingNews discussing the math as to why you’d do this. Forget the predictions about will have a better year and take a pure look at some logic. The basic idea is that you take a couple players that are off to varying starts. The article uses Greinke and Beckett. I’m going to make up a couple players – Paul Bunyan and John Henry.

Paul Bunyan is off to a hot start and John Henry is slumping early, but you know Bunyan won’t keep it up forever and Henry will come around. By the end of the season their numbers will flatten out and wind up even.

Right now –
  • Bunyan’s got 10 HR, 10 R, and 25 RBI with a .400 BA
  • Henry’s got 3 HR, 5 R, and 10 RBI with a .225 BA
Based on previous seasons you can predict that their numbers will be about even. Let’s say it’s a given that they’ll each wind up with about 35 HR, 100 R, 115 RBI and a .290 BA.
From this point on, who, logically, would put up the best numbers to reach these totals?
Just a thought…