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CFL Michael Jackson Celebration

Posted in News with tags , , , on July 2, 2009 by cuzitsmybday

Arland Bruce, wideout for the Toronto Argonauts of the CFL, gave homage to the late (and previously weird) Michael Jackson with a touchdown celebration to die for. He got two penalities and was booed by the crowd. Last year he put a Spiderman mask.

CFL wideout celebrates TD while honoring the late, weird, Michael Jackson

CFL wideout celebrates TD while honoring the late, weird, Michael Jackson

You can check out the celebration of death here. I know that when I die, nothing would honor me more than to have a CFL wideout acknowledge my body of work.

How exciting would a CFL fantasy football league be?

Martin Prado – Multi-Position Eligibilty to get More ABs

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I’m not a Braves fan but I live in the south and Braves games might be the team with the most regional coverage. Sure, there are Yankees and Red Sox fans everywhere, just like there are Cowboys fans – they all have jumped on the bandwagon at one time or another.

What’s my point? Because I get to listen to the Braves on the radio and TV more often than any other team (I get Reds games, too) I tend to pick up Braves on my team. With Martin Prado available on the wire and Bob Cox making the call that he’ll be the official starter at 2B, at least for now, I thought I’d pick him up. He’s had a hot bat lately.

Martin Prado takes over at second, for now.

Martin Prado takes over at second, for now.

I don’t need a 2B – I have Kinsler, Roberts, Phillips and Zobrist. I have Bonafacio, too. But this is a real deep league.

I dropped Ianetta for Prado, who was owned in 68% of all leagues on Sporting News. We’ll see what happens and how quickly he gets picked up by an opponent.

Tommy Hanson, Andrew McCutchen

Posted in News with tags , , on June 4, 2009 by cuzitsmybday

These are the newest call-ups to keep an eye on and implement right into your lineups. From what I’ve read everybody in the fantasy world is high on Hanson and is suggesting that you go with him even on his first start. I’ve only heard good things out of Atlanta about Hanson, but it was a surprise when the Braves called up Medlen first. He didn’t fare too well.

As for McCutchen, he was getting talked about before the trade. He’s the top Pirates prospect and he’ll be getting playing time. I’ve gone ahead and picked him up and plugged him right into my lineup. As of today’s game he’s already got his first hit and some peripheral numbers.

Get them both now if they’re still around.

Down Goes Maybin

Posted in News with tags , , on May 11, 2009 by cuzitsmybday

If you’ve been holding on to Maybin, hoping he turns it around…it might finally be time to let him go. He got sent down to the minors over the weekend.

He’s got the potential, but then again, don’t we all have potential? It’s still pretty early, but the guy has yet to prove anything…so it’s not like there’s something to expect.

ManRam Down 50

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Manny Ramirez gets a 50 game suspension. I guess that’s just Manny being Manny. Did anybody see this coming? I think this is a lot different than A-Rod…basically because everybody hates A-Rod. I think everybody loves Manny, or at least likes the guy.

Are roids the reason he wears the bulky uniform? To hide his size and not draw attention to himself? I think there’s probably some truth to that.

Regardless – he’s out for 50. Manny’s got an explanation, but is it legit? Hey, who cares? This all about fantasy baseball…he’s out 50 games and I don’t own him in a single league.

Carlos Guillen to the DL, Watch J. Anderson

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The slumping Carlos Guillen has apparently been having shoulder issues so he’s been put on the DL. Leyland says two weeks off should help him out. Is he really hurting? Or is this just a slump-busting attempt to revive the perrenial above average hitter?

Well, that’s not that important. What is important is that this move will probably free up some more playing time for Josh Anderson. Who’s that? As of Tuesday Anderson hit lead-off for the Tigers and Leyland dropped Granderson to 5th. Anderson is batting .333 on the season in 51 AB. He’s got speed in the form of 6 SB within that limited amount of playing time.

But if Leyland’s shuffling is going to put Anderson at the top of the order, then I think he suddenly becomes pretty relevant. The Tigers can hit and Anderson is getting on and around the bases. He might lose some AB’s once Guillen comes back, but if Guillen continues to slump and Anderson continues to hit and run, then the spot could be his.

By the way, in SportingNews he’s only owned in 22% of all leagues…

Day Trading

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My most recent trade (effective today)

I gave…
Josh Beckett
Jason Bartlett

I got…
Yunel Escobar
Lance Berkman

The original offer had me giving Nyjer Morgan for Magglio Ordonez as well, but the other owner countered with the deal you see above. I am loaded with SP’s. This is a strategy to consider in your next drafts. Load up in one position – SP’s or CL are probably the easiest, then hunt down who’s in need.

Who are my SP’s in that league?
Lincecum, Lohse, Edwin Jackson, Haren, Lowe, Galarraga, Wandy Rodriguez, and…Zack Greinke. I felt like I could give up Beckett who, by far, has been the worst performer of the bunch. I don’t even care if he starts lighting it up. I’ve got Berkman now. As far as Bartlett goes…he was a wire pick-up, so I could care less about him either. Yunel Escobar? Well, I actually have high thoughts on him, but he was there to more or less even it out.