The Mike Vick Distraction

Maybe Mike Vick will be a distraction that helps out the Eagles. Vick isn’t the type of guy to argue with the coach and whine about not getting the ball. So, maybe all the pub for Vick will take the media pressure of McNabb.

Are the fans really going to bother McNabb? I think he’s used to them, especially after last year – his comeback after being benched was pretty impressive.

All the experts are saying they don’t understand the signing and that it doesn’t make any sense. Well, who would it have really made any sense for? If he doesn’t get to play till week 6, that gives the Eagles plenty of time to show up on the field with some totally off-the-wall schemes at the midway point in the season.

Enough with the drama. As far as fantasy goes…somebody probably picked him in the draft just to take a chance. Personally, I’d wait on the guy.

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