Pseudo-Starters and Taking Away SP’s

Every league is different – different rules, different cash-outs, different opponents. You need to guage everything, including the habits of your competition. If you’re like me, and you make a lot of waiver moves picking up SP’s almost every day, then watch and see what your opponent does. If your opponent is trying to match you so they don’t get blown out in K’s or W’s, then see if you can bait them into picking up a bad SP.

In deeper leagues I like to pick up an SP early for each day. I’ll do it a day in advance if I can. That gives my opponent the impression that I’m starting him. Keep him in your starting lineup as long as you can. Of course, make sure it’s a guy that you’d consider starting.

By picking up pitchers in head-to-head leagues, you’re taking SP’s away from other owners. You might not be playing that owner that week, but it’s still going to make a difference. Picking up an SP, whether you play him or not, is keeping those stats away from everybody else in the league.

Maybe that pitcher you picked up got a W. That W might have made the difference for another team in the W category – maybe it would have given them the point for Wins, but you took the chance away. When the playoffs come around, it might be that one point (or all the points you’ve built up from this strategy) that gets you into the playoffs.

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