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Daily Grab

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Who I picked up yesterday, and who I’m taking today…

First of all, I didn’t pick up anybody yesterday…but today, I am.

Jason Hammel – COL vs. FLA
That’s right, Hammel. Why am I taking Hammel? Because the Marlins are pretty bad on the road and they aren’t hitting righties very well. That’s all there is to it. Hammel’s ERA is 3.45, which is respectable, but his WHIP is 1.72. There is nothing sexy about him. I’m purely going for the matchup. The Marlins have a .704 OPS and a .241 BA against righties. On the road it gets worse. A .229 BA and .680 OPS.

That’s why I’ve got Hammel. I’m worried.

ManRam Down 50

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Manny Ramirez gets a 50 game suspension. I guess that’s just Manny being Manny. Did anybody see this coming? I think this is a lot different than A-Rod…basically because everybody hates A-Rod. I think everybody loves Manny, or at least likes the guy.

Are roids the reason he wears the bulky uniform? To hide his size and not draw attention to himself? I think there’s probably some truth to that.

Regardless – he’s out for 50. Manny’s got an explanation, but is it legit? Hey, who cares? This all about fantasy baseball…he’s out 50 games and I don’t own him in a single league.

Carlos Guillen to the DL, Watch J. Anderson

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The slumping Carlos Guillen has apparently been having shoulder issues so he’s been put on the DL. Leyland says two weeks off should help him out. Is he really hurting? Or is this just a slump-busting attempt to revive the perrenial above average hitter?

Well, that’s not that important. What is important is that this move will probably free up some more playing time for Josh Anderson. Who’s that? As of Tuesday Anderson hit lead-off for the Tigers and Leyland dropped Granderson to 5th. Anderson is batting .333 on the season in 51 AB. He’s got speed in the form of 6 SB within that limited amount of playing time.

But if Leyland’s shuffling is going to put Anderson at the top of the order, then I think he suddenly becomes pretty relevant. The Tigers can hit and Anderson is getting on and around the bases. He might lose some AB’s once Guillen comes back, but if Guillen continues to slump and Anderson continues to hit and run, then the spot could be his.

By the way, in SportingNews he’s only owned in 22% of all leagues…

Day Trading

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My most recent trade (effective today)

I gave…
Josh Beckett
Jason Bartlett

I got…
Yunel Escobar
Lance Berkman

The original offer had me giving Nyjer Morgan for Magglio Ordonez as well, but the other owner countered with the deal you see above. I am loaded with SP’s. This is a strategy to consider in your next drafts. Load up in one position – SP’s or CL are probably the easiest, then hunt down who’s in need.

Who are my SP’s in that league?
Lincecum, Lohse, Edwin Jackson, Haren, Lowe, Galarraga, Wandy Rodriguez, and…Zack Greinke. I felt like I could give up Beckett who, by far, has been the worst performer of the bunch. I don’t even care if he starts lighting it up. I’ve got Berkman now. As far as Bartlett goes…he was a wire pick-up, so I could care less about him either. Yunel Escobar? Well, I actually have high thoughts on him, but he was there to more or less even it out.

Daily Grab

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A daily look back at my spot starters and a look forward at who I’m taking off the wire…

Yesterday’s Spot-Start

Koji Uehara – BAL, 6 2/3 IP, 8 K, 3 ER, 1 BB, 1.20 WHIP DECENT
Well, this ended up being a pretty good pick, but the bullpen is what hurt him, along with some errors. He pitched well and at sent down 14 in a row. But, some fielding problems and a bullpen that brought a bucket of gasoline to the mound, took care of his hard work. He’s been doing pretty good this year and his numbers definitely show it. I’m going to keep him on my teams.

Today’s Spot-Starters

I’m not picking up anybody for today. I’m actually picking somebody up that isn’t pitching until Saturday! Who is so special that I went that far ahead? Shairon Martis, the rookie SP for the Washington Nationals.

Even when I read that I think it’s a pretty lame idea, but he’s facing the D-Backs on his home mound and the D-Backs are awful on the road. They’re awful at home, but they are really awful on the road.

Rick Porcello Comes Back

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Hey, I’m the victim of my own haste. I loved Rick Porcello in the beginning and I had him all over the place. He had a couple of shaky outings so I ditched him.

I should have known.

Porcello has been up and down. Tonight, he was pretty awesome.

Porcello has been up and down. Tonight, he was pretty awesome.

Porcello blanked the Twins for 7 innings, threw 3 K’s and wound up with an even 1.00 WHIP. That’s pretty good, but how good are the Twins and how reliable is Porcello? He’s got the stuff, but it’s just a matter of what stuff he has when he steps on the mound. There’s no arguing, he’s going to be atop the rotation at some point – or, with the way Verlander is throwing again, he’ll be a solid 2 eventually. A great sign for the Tigers and anybody with Porcello in a keeper league.

How About Alberto Callaspo?

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You’ve heard about LaPorta, Rasmus, and how Bourn’s average is actually there. You’ve read about picking up Phil Hughes and Scott Richmond. But what about Alberto Callaspo?

Alberto Callaspo is quietly putting up big numbers and nobody is noticing.

Alberto Callaspo is putting up big numbers and nobody seems to care.

Alberto Callaspo is putting up big numbers and nobody seems to care.


Alberto Callaspo has put up some pretty big numbers and for some reason, I’m yet to see anybody give him any mention. Here’s what he’s done for the Royals and the few fantasy owners he has…

He’s batting .378 on the season and he just hit a home run, as I’m writing this. It’s only his 2nd HR, but he’s not a power guy. He’s got 15 R and 9 RBI. These numbers aren’t huge, but that BA is.

He’s owned in 47% of all SportingNews leagues and you can bet that number will rise tomorrow. If you need an average helper and your SS is weak – consider Callaspo because he’s got a firm grip on the job and he’s a young switch hitter.