Day Trading

My most recent trade (effective today)

I gave…
Josh Beckett
Jason Bartlett

I got…
Yunel Escobar
Lance Berkman

The original offer had me giving Nyjer Morgan for Magglio Ordonez as well, but the other owner countered with the deal you see above. I am loaded with SP’s. This is a strategy to consider in your next drafts. Load up in one position – SP’s or CL are probably the easiest, then hunt down who’s in need.

Who are my SP’s in that league?
Lincecum, Lohse, Edwin Jackson, Haren, Lowe, Galarraga, Wandy Rodriguez, and…Zack Greinke. I felt like I could give up Beckett who, by far, has been the worst performer of the bunch. I don’t even care if he starts lighting it up. I’ve got Berkman now. As far as Bartlett goes…he was a wire pick-up, so I could care less about him either. Yunel Escobar? Well, I actually have high thoughts on him, but he was there to more or less even it out.

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