Kinsler, Thousands of Fantasy Owners – Robbed by Sweeney

Hey, it happens, but for those of you who have Ian Kinsler and have watching this mini-slump he’s on closely…you need to know he’s hitting the ball well.

Yesterday he hit a bomb to center field that was literally over the fence when it was snatched by Mike Sweeney. The grab robbed Kinsler and thousands of fantasy owners of a 3 run HR and some encouragement. If you’re just a stat chaser and you never get to watch all these guys play, it’s pretty easy to misinterpret actions based on the numbers.

For those of you that saw this kind of production from Kinsler before the draft and then started to wonder if he was maybe hitting a slump because he started so hot…not to worry.

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Ian Kinsler by liberaldem537.
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