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I mean really, who was lucky enough to go up against a team that had Cuddyer on it? Seriously?

How annoying was that? I basically got beat by Michael Cuddyer. Unreal. Sickening. Depressing.

Daily Grab

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For today’s games I’m picking up two pitchers – Vincent Padilla, TEX and Eric Milton, LAD.

Why Padilla? I just have a good feeling…and the Rangers pile on runs. I need some wins and I’m basically calling it quits on ERA.

Why Milton? He’s facing the Marlins, and they are awful against lefties. He’s fresh out of the minors where he’s put up some good numbers this year.

Daily Grab

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Yesterday I went with Daniel Cabrera, and what did he do? He gave up 3 eared runs and lost to the Giants. Let the truth be told, while I did pick him up to start him, I ended up dropping him last minute. He only lasted 4 2/3 innings. He’s now 0-4 and over 39 innings he’s walked 34. That’s no good.

So, who am I picking up today? Luke Hochevar for the Royals. There’s a lot of hype swirling around him in the fantasy world. I guess the experts need something to write about, and for today, he’s their guy. I think he’s just a decent guy to jump on if you’re an expert – if they tell you to pick him, and he does good…well, then suddenly they are more of an expert.

He hasn’t had a start yet this year and he’s facing the Athletics. We’ll see.

Somebody’s Got a Case of the Mondays…

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Mondays can be tough on fantasy baseball addicts (Thursdays, too).

Mondays can be tough on fantasy baseball addicts (Thursdays, too).

There’s nothing like coming off a weekend full of fantasy baseball and running headfirst into a 3 game Monday slate where you’ve barely got anybody playing. Boring.

On Mondays like these, I start cutting the fat off my team just to pick up some scrubs off the waiver wire so I can get guys taking swings. Who did I pick up?

Fred Lewis and Nick Johnson. These guys aren’t horrible, by any means, but I only picked them up for today. Chances are they’ll all go 0-4 and my average will be in the hole before the week really gets started.

Sometimes it’s just all about having fun, enjoying yourself, and feeding the addiction.

Down Goes Maybin

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If you’ve been holding on to Maybin, hoping he turns it around…it might finally be time to let him go. He got sent down to the minors over the weekend.

He’s got the potential, but then again, don’t we all have potential? It’s still pretty early, but the guy has yet to prove anything…so it’s not like there’s something to expect.

When Your Closers Get a Win…

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There is nothing like the feeling you get when your closer gets a win in fantasy baseball. Okay, so it’s really not a special feeling…

But, when your closer gets a win, it feels good. It makes you bust out a sinister laugh. And when you get hit by a closer win from your opponent, well, a lot of words come to mind.

What’s great about them is that sometimes, it’s your closer’s bad pitching that gets him a win. He blows a save, and gets a win. Pretty good stuff, like Ryan Franklin did on Sunday. It looks like maybe, just maybe Brian Wilson is about to pull the same trick.

Daily Grab

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How many people picked up Kenshin Kawakami for his matchup against the Phils today? Probably not very many. I had him though…and he was brilliant.

There aren’t many games on the block for Monday, but I have the fever and I have to get in on the action…so I’ m going with Daniel Cabrera vs. the Giants. Why? Because the Giants offense isn’t doing so hot and I just can’t go a whole day without a starting pitcher. I’ll never break that habit.