Time to Deal Greinke? Yes.

Alright, Greinke is lighting it up. We’re just about to start the month of May. It’s very, very early in the season. Trade him.
There’s a fairly interesting bit in SportingNews discussing the math as to why you’d do this. Forget the predictions about will have a better year and take a pure look at some logic. The basic idea is that you take a couple players that are off to varying starts. The article uses Greinke and Beckett. I’m going to make up a couple players – Paul Bunyan and John Henry.

Paul Bunyan is off to a hot start and John Henry is slumping early, but you know Bunyan won’t keep it up forever and Henry will come around. By the end of the season their numbers will flatten out and wind up even.

Right now –
  • Bunyan’s got 10 HR, 10 R, and 25 RBI with a .400 BA
  • Henry’s got 3 HR, 5 R, and 10 RBI with a .225 BA
Based on previous seasons you can predict that their numbers will be about even. Let’s say it’s a given that they’ll each wind up with about 35 HR, 100 R, 115 RBI and a .290 BA.
From this point on, who, logically, would put up the best numbers to reach these totals?
Just a thought…

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