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Guys You Should Deal, Now.

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Here are some hitters to deal now, before they cool off. Use them to lure in some slumping regular performers. These are based purely on numbers from past performances…hold onto them at your own risk.

  • Aaron Hill – 2B
  • Adam Jones – OF
  • Brandon Inge – C, 1F, OF
  • Nick Swisher – 1F, OF
  • Jason Bartlett – SS
  • Kosuke Fukudome – OF

These guys are currently ranked in the top 25 of all hitters, according to their stats, by SportingNews for a standard rules, Head-to-head league. Right now, they’re performing far beyond their pre-season projections. If you think Inge’s stance is the key to his success, and he’s now the real deal…then by all means, stick with him.

Time to Deal Greinke? Yes.

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Alright, Greinke is lighting it up. We’re just about to start the month of May. It’s very, very early in the season. Trade him.
There’s a fairly interesting bit in SportingNews discussing the math as to why you’d do this. Forget the predictions about will have a better year and take a pure look at some logic. The basic idea is that you take a couple players that are off to varying starts. The article uses Greinke and Beckett. I’m going to make up a couple players – Paul Bunyan and John Henry.

Paul Bunyan is off to a hot start and John Henry is slumping early, but you know Bunyan won’t keep it up forever and Henry will come around. By the end of the season their numbers will flatten out and wind up even.

Right now –
  • Bunyan’s got 10 HR, 10 R, and 25 RBI with a .400 BA
  • Henry’s got 3 HR, 5 R, and 10 RBI with a .225 BA
Based on previous seasons you can predict that their numbers will be about even. Let’s say it’s a given that they’ll each wind up with about 35 HR, 100 R, 115 RBI and a .290 BA.
From this point on, who, logically, would put up the best numbers to reach these totals?
Just a thought…

Porcello Gets Pounded

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He started out great, but maybe the big spotlight was too much for the 20 year old. I had him going on every fantasy team I’ve got. That turned out to be a major mistake. In the first couple of innings he looked awesome, but he started to lose something in that 3rd inning.

He’s just not there yet, but he will be…next year.

Also, Zumaya made an appearance and threw hard. Very interesting.

Lidge’s Knee Inflammation

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So, Lidge didn’t get the opportunity for the last Phillies save thanks to some inflammation in his knee. The opp went to Ryan Madson and they’ll be looking into Lidge’s knee to see how serious it is, if it’s serious at all.

Well, just the fact that he’s got a knee problem is going to open the door, at least a little, for Madson, or somebody, to pick up some saves. There’s really no word on the situation, but it’s safe to say that the guy who got the first opp when Lidge had to sit, will be the guy they go to barring his success. He’s one for one with his opportunities.

Say it Ain’t Soto, Please.

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I think I’ve got Soto on every single one of my fantasy teams.

What does that mean?
Well, it means that I went early on him in every draft. It also means that I have Brandon Inge (thank you) on every single team, because nobody drafted him and I snatched him as soon as Soto missed a game.

I’m kind of surprised that the experts haven’t mentioned Soto or talked about how awful he’s been, and then I got on SportingNews and there he was getting mentioned.

Whats the problem with Soto?

What's the problem with Soto?

It’s a little bit about fantasy player break-ups, meaning, when you break up with them and drop them to the waivers. At this point in the season, you can bet on some hasty drops being made, but I think the more important ones will come later in May.

That will be when owners who really think they know what they’re doing have decided that they’ve waited long enough for their stars to show their skills.

I held onto Hafner for a long time last year, only to be continually let down as he sat on my bench. I eventually dropped him and it was a decision I could have made a lot earlier.

So, do you drop Soto? What about Upton? You don’t drop these guys. Come on. You watch the waivers and wait for somebody else to drop them…and hopefully you’re in a head-to-head league so you can beat them with their own player in a playoff match up somewhere down the road.

Other names making their way to the waivers – Bonifacio, Kawakami, Romero, Jimenez…

Juan Cruz to Close in KC

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He’s probably already gone off your waiver wires, but you might as well check. Especially if you need saves. Soria’s been hurt for awhile and they’ve been keeping the injury on the hush-hush, downplaying things. The KC media (yes, they actually have media) have been poking around with questions as to why Soria hasn’t been relied on as much as they thought he should be. They were dealing out heavy criticism.

Because he’s hurt. So, in comes Juan Cruz – at least for the time being. If you need saves, then he’s your guy. It’s hard to say how long he’ll have the roll, but if the injury is lingering and Cruz gets the job done, then he could be a good source for saves.

Stephen Drew to the DL

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The Diamondbacks put Stephen Drew on the DL with a hamstring injury. He was slumping so the chances are you had him on your bench. I’ve seen him get dropped in a few leagues by some impatient owners, so pick him up if you can stash him away.

Josh Wilson is getting the call. He’s been hitting .260 with 1 HR and 10 RBI in 15 games.

Drew started pretty slow last year, although he never ended up on the DL. He’s still a fairly solid player.